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Connecting Technology Talent

Connecting Technology Talent

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Regional-scale tree die-off events driven by drought and warming and associated pests and pathogens have occurred recently on all forested continents and are projected to increase in frequency and extent with future warming. Within areas where tree mortality has occurred, ecological, hydrological and meteorological consequences are increasingly being documented. However, the potential for tree die-off to impact vegetation processes and related carbon dynamics in areas remote to where die-off occurs has rarely been systematically evaluated, particularly for multiple distinct regions within a given continent. Such remote impacts can occur when climate effects of local vegetation change are propagated by atmospheric circulation—the phenomena of ‘ecoclimate teleconnections’. We simulated tree die-off events in the 13 most densely forested US regions (selected from the 20 US National Ecological Observatory Network [NEON] domains) and found that tree die-off even for smaller regions has potential to affect climate and hence Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) in disparate regions (NEON domains), either positively or negatively. Some regions exhibited strong teleconnections to several others, and some regions were relatively sensitive to tree loss regardless of what other region the tree loss occurred in. For the US as a whole, loss of trees in the Pacific Southwest—an area undergoing rapid tree die-off—had the largest negative impact on remote US GPP whereas loss of trees in the Mid-Atlantic had the largest positive impact. This research lays a foundation for hypotheses that identify how the effects of tree die-off (or other types of tree loss such as deforestation) can ricochet across regions by revealing hot-spots of forcing and response. Such modes of connectivity have direct applicability for improving models of climate change impacts and for developing more informed and coordinated carbon accounting across regions.

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Only send this update to new customers

In order for updates to be sent by Gumroad, you must include a message and a subject for each update.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (yes, we’ve said it before too), so why not save yourself some breath? Personalize your Workflow emails by adding a picture of your product, your logo, an illustration, an informational graphic, or another image.

We recommend using an image that is at least 510 pixels wide. Once uploaded, we'll resize the image to fit the email.

If you want to send customers to a specific website - you're not limited to just adding hyperlinks into your message. At the bottom of your message window, you'll see this feature:

Just add a call to action message and the URL that you'd like to direct your customers or followers to, and Gumroad will automatically add the button at the bottom of your message. You can test out the button's functionality by clicking Preview .


Files are not required for a workflow to be sent, but if you want to add them, you can.

In my example workflow, I've added two movie files.

Just as you would with a product on Gumroad, you can attach as many files as you would like to an update. These files are not attached to the update itself, but rather sent as a link that your audience can click. Click Save Changes and Publish to make this go live.

Save Changes Publish

If you are uploading video files, you can set them to stream-only , or allow them to be downloaded and streamed. You can also Oversized Merino Wool Scarf White Ellegance by VIDA VIDA KOXuI4w
to the video, if you need to.

We do not offer PDF stamping on PDF files that you send out via updates.

do not

Now that you have added your first email, why not continue the process and add more? Click Save changes and your first email will minimize.

Save changes

Click the Add email button again, to add a second email. Every time you add an email, you will choose when it will be sent (step 1), relative to the time of purchase.

Add email

In the below example, my customers will be sent an email 1 hour after they purchase one of my products, then 1 week later, then 1 week after that (so, 2 weeks after their purchase).

After you've made sales (or gained followers) and your workflow has been sent out, you'll be able to see the open and click-through rates on each message.

By clicking the ellipses next to the number of emails your workflow contains, you can see, from the green checkmark, whether or not all of the emails in that workflow are active. If you'd like to pause a workflow email, click Edit on the workflow. Then edit that particular email, and unpublish it .

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Ditch the spreadsheet filled with passwords. Never ask a client for a password again. Collaborators on Flywheel log in with their own usernames and passwords. They can view and manage all their sites in one place.

Add teammates and clients as collaborators, and they’ll get full access to manage the site, update files, and manage the database.


It’s okay to fall in love with your Flywheel dashboard. Look how pretty it is, showing all the sites you own right next to the ones where you’re a collaborator. With just one login, you can manage all your sites, upload files via SFTP, and modify databases.

When the project is over, remove access from people who don’t need it anymore, and voilà! No more access.

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